NorcalMLK Announces the Creation of SIDGE_OP


We are excited to announce the launch of the SIDGE Opportunities Program (SIDGE_OP), a new initiative by the SIDGE Center designed to empower Black & Brown working-age populations by introducing them to the transformative field of AI.

SIDGE_OP is set to disrupt traditional AI paradigms by centering human responsibility, incorporating rich, lived experiences into the development of Large Language Models (LLMs), and fostering innovation that leads to more effective and equitable AI solutions.

SIDGE_OP focuses on three critical areas:

  • AI and the Public Interest: This area highlights the intersection of AI with public interest technology, where participants can explore rewarding careers across entrepreneurial, engineering, STEM, academic, and public sector fields. Our aim is to demonstrate that one can indeed do well by doing good.
  • AI Validation and Testing: As AI increasingly influences every aspect of our lives, new career opportunities are emerging in validation and testing. SIDGE_OP will guide participants through the nuances of this field, showing how it facilitates new product development and simultaneously empowers communities.
  • Innovation and Investment: Through our innovative SIDGE Venture Studios, participants will learn the essential steps of the product development and entrepreneurial journey. This includes everything from refining an idea to effectively pitching it for funding.

The program comprises four live, virtual modules, each lasting one hour. These sessions are crafted to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of AI's potential and prepare them for exciting opportunities in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Learn more about the SIDGE Center as we embark on this journey to help mold the future of AI, ensuring it is driven by a commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and the public good. For more details and to register for the SIDGE Opportunities Program.