NorcalMLK Executive Director to Speak in Europe

March 12, 2024

In an exciting development for the NorcalMLK Foundation, Executive Director Aaron Grizzell and Dr. Dwight Hopkins, a distinguished co-founder of the foundation’s King & Faith Series, are set to bring their insights to the international stage.

They have been invited to speak at two prestigious events in Europe, aiming to cast a global spotlight on the enduring legacies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and theologian Howard Thurman.

Aaron Grizzell The first engagement will take place at King’s College London on May 21, followed by a presentation at the European Academy of Religion’s 2024 Conference in Palermo, Sicily, on May 22. These appearances mark a significant opportunity to discuss the principles of social justice and community, pivotal to the work of King and Thurman, with an international academic audience.
Dwight Hopkins Aaron Grizzell will delve into the profound influence of Howard Thurman, a mentor to Dr. King and a key figure in the establishment of San Francisco’s Church for the Fellowship of All Peoples. Dr. Dwight Hopkins, holding the prestigious title of Alexander Campbell Professor at the University of Chicago, will chair both events, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the foundation's work.
Raymond Carr Joining them is Dr. Raymond Carr, director of the Codex Charles H. Long Papers Project and a research associate at Harvard University's Moses Mesoamerican Archive. Together, these thought leaders will explore the theological and social dimensions of Thurman's and King's visions.

“These two events are a great opportunity to extend the idea of social justice and beloved community to an international scholarly audience,” Grizzell shared, highlighting the potential of these discussions to forge new pathways for justice, community, and hope on a global scale.

The NorcalMLK Foundation views these speaking engagements as just the beginning of a broader effort to share the transformative ideas of Thurman and King with the world, a testament to their commitment to advancing social justice and fostering a beloved community across borders.