Groundbreaking Collaboration as BCAF Establishes New Relationships with Rice University and Comicpalooza


The Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival (BCAF), renowned for highlighting the creativity of people of color in the comic arts, successfully launched a new relationship with Rice University and Comicpalooza, Texas' largest popular culture event.

BCAF's Stanford Carpenter and Stanford University's Sakena Young-Scaggs discuss Black Religion and Comics. (image courtesy Rice University)
This collaboration debuted with a series of enlightening panels during this year's Comicpalooza, which took place over Memorial Day weekend in Houston, Texas.

Among the distinguished guests was Stanford University's Sakena Young-Scaggs, Senior Associate Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life, alongside other notable scholars. This partnership, highlighted by BCAF's recent recognition as one of America’s Ten Best Art Festivals by USA Today in 2024, aims to boost the visibility of diverse voices in the arts.

BCAF curated high-level panels and brought in renowned guests, including scholars from Rice University, enriching the cultural tapestry of Comicpalooza and enhancing its diverse programming and commitment to inclusivity. Dr. Stanford Carpenter, Chair of the Advisory Board of BCAF and a Rice alum, emphasized the significance of this relationship, noting, "This dynamic platform allows artists of color to connect with wider audiences and showcase their incredible work on a significant stage."

The collaboration was aligned perfectly with BCAF's goal to celebrate diversity and creativity. It brought unique content that resonated with attendees and inspired the community. Comicpalooza, known for its extensive range of content spanning various genres and media, proved to be the ideal venue for BCAF’s enriched programming. Attendees enjoyed a Memorial Day weekend filled with engaging discussions, high-profile guests, and an unparalleled celebration of cultural diversity and artistic talent. This event marked a milestone in BCAF's mission to elevate diverse artistic expressions and foster a more inclusive cultural environment.