BCAF Nominated as One of America's Best Art Festivals


In the heart of the vibrant cultural landscape that defines Northern California, a festival has emerged over the past decade, not just as a celebration, but as a beacon of creativity and unity.

The Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival (BCAF), a gem among the myriad initiatives spearheaded by the NorcalMLK Foundation, has carved out a space where art and storytelling converge to amplify the voices of Black and Brown creators. This year, as BCAF celebrated its 10th anniversary, its impact and significance have been recognized on a national scale.

USA Today, a giant in the realm of news and cultural commentary, has spotlighted BCAF as a contender for the prestigious title of Best Art Festival in its 10Best Readers' Choice Awards. This nomination is not just an acknowledgment of BCAF's contribution to the arts but a testament to the tireless efforts of the teams and volunteers who, year after year, dedicate themselves to crafting an event that transcends mere entertainment to become a platform for inspiration, education, and community building.

Aaron Grizzell, the executive director of the NorcalMLK Foundation, expressed his gratitude and pride in this significant recognition. "It's gratifying to have one of our programs recognized by national audiences," Grizzell remarked. He sees the nomination as a reflection of the festival's decade-long journey of growth and its status as a premier art festival in the nation—a journey made possible by the unwavering dedication of everyone involved in bringing BCAF to life.

As the event draws near its conclusion on March 18, there's a palpable excitement in the air. The foundation encourages everyone to participate in this historic moment by voting daily for BCAF. This nomination is not just a celebration of a festival but a moment of validation for a community that has continually strived to showcase the richness of Black and Brown creativity. It's a call to action for supporters to come together and cast their votes, ensuring that BCAF's legacy of empowerment and artistic excellence is recognized and celebrated far and wide.

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