The People of NorcalMLK

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Kimberly (Sunshine) Swinford

Director of COVID-19 Operations, California Volunteers, Office of the Governor

Sunshine Swinford is the director of Emergency Operations for the California Volunteers in the office of the Governor. -- She has over 25 years of experience in community relations, engagement and activism. She has a deep passion for bringing people together to share experiences in efforts that improve the quality of life for everyone, in particular, the lives of the most vulnerable. With roots in Native Oklahoma, she grew up with a connection to nature, and believes that access to the basic needs of the environment; water, clean air, and healthy soils is a fundamental right of every individual and community. Last year, Sunshine launched her own consulting business, We Act Locally, another platform to mobilize and inspire people by building out engagement programs for local non-profits and by creating and managing corporate stewardship programs for the ever-growing tech industry in the Bay Area. *** `from California Volunteers`