Robert Kilpatrick

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Robert Kilpatrick

From 1992 to 2013 Robert Kilpatrick was a founding Partner at Technology Vision Group LLC, which connected innovators and leaders in the life science industry to form successful partnerships.

Robert played an instrumental role in the development of the first BioPartnering events held around the world, and the first online networking product for the life science industry –, which created business development opportunities in over 40 countries, becoming the premier partnering platform globally.

Robert is the author of numerous publications about the life science and healthcare industries, and he is currently writing a book, ‘Health: The Whole Story’, which examines the factors that contribute to healthy societies, including the economic, political, social, technological, and moral dimensions. The book offers a blueprint for building a more effective healthcare system for the benefit of individuals, families, and communities.

Robert received a doctorate in the History of Medicine from the University of Cambridge, and he is a member of many learned societies.