J. Gonzo

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J. Gonzo

J. Gonzo is a Chicano artist, born and raised in Cypress, CA., who resides in Phoenix, AZ.

Artwise, his formative years were shaped by the rigid tradition and Byzantine iconography of the Catholic school he attended juxtaposed with the DIY aesthetic of the late 70s, Orange County Punk counterculture peppered with the bright, bold, Latino hues of his grandparents generation. He attended the Orange County High School of the Arts’ Visual Arts Program and went to a terrible trade school for a degree in Graphic Design. He also apprenticed and tattooed professionally for a number of years before entering the world of advertising and design. Gonzo has spent the past 25-plus years using his creative skills at ad agencies, toy and comic companies, design studios, freelancing, creating his own comic book title La Mano del Destino and publishing imprint Castle & Key Publications, as well as handling art duties on La Voz de MAYO: Tata Rambo for Top Cow & Image Comics.

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