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2024 SIDGE Symposium

Jan 11, 2024 | various

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The SIDGE Center focuses on investigating human values as data points that may be analyzed, quantified, and offered as algorithmic variables used to improved equity and the performance of predictive models.

The SIDGE Symposium is a dynamic multi-day event hosted by the Center for Social Impact, Development, and Global Engagement (SIDGE Center) as part of the NorcalMLK Foundation's commitment to advancing social justice and equity through innovative means. This symposium serves as a nexus where data science, ethics, and social impact intersect.

During this gathering, the SIDGE Symposium brings together a diverse array of scholars, data scientists, technologists, and thought leaders. It delves into the exploration of human values as quantifiable data points, analyzing their role in shaping our society. Through rigorous discussions, workshops, and presentations, attendees explore how these values can be integrated into algorithmic variables that improve the fairness and performance of predictive models.

The symposium addresses critical questions surrounding the responsible use of data, ethics in AI, and the potential to harness technology for the betterment of marginalized communities. It fosters collaboration, encouraging participants to develop actionable strategies for leveraging data and algorithms as tools for social change and equity.

The SIDGE Symposium stands as a unique and forward-thinking initiative, where the worlds of data science and social impact converge to advance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s vision of a more just and equitable world. It embodies the NorcalMLK Foundation's commitment to progress and its dedication to harnessing technology for the betterment of society.

Some featured guests include:

Jan 11, 2024 | various



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