2024 SIDGE Generative Ethics Panels


These enlightening conversations address the intersection of cutting-edge technology and societal ethics, aiming to foster a deeper understanding of the moral dimensions surrounding AI.

The SIDGE Generative Ethics Panels are dedicated to illuminating the profound impact of generative AI and navigating the intricate ethical terrain within the AI landscape. This expert panel convenes leading voices from diverse fields - AI ethics, technology, philosophy, and policy - to engage in insightful discourse.

During the Generative Ethics Panels, attendees delve into the multifaceted dimensions of generative AI, exploring its impacts on the human landscape, while recognizing the ethical responsibilities that come with it. The conversations extend to issues of creativity, intellectual property, privacy, and the societal implications of AI-generated content.

These panels are not just discussions; they are calls to action aimed at inspiring attendees to devise ethical frameworks, policies, and guidelines that foster the responsible development and deployment of generative AI. By addressing the ethical considerations surrounding AI, the Generative Ethics Panels play a vital role in shaping the future of technology, ensuring that innovation aligns with human values and respects the rights and dignity of all individuals.

Watch the 2023 SIDGE Virtual Symposium here.

Jan 12, 2024



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