2024 SIDGE AI Panel


The SIDGE AI Panel is designed to explore the profound implications of AI on human welfare.

Esteemed experts and thought leaders from diverse fields convene to examine the transformative influence of AI technologies.

During the AI Panel, attendees engage with leading thinkers in a dynamic discussion regarding the impact of AI on various aspects of human life, from healthcare and education to ethics and social equity. The conversation delves into the challenges present in the AI ecosystem and the vital importance of more diverse voices centering AI development and deployment.

This panel is a platform for fostering a deeper understanding of AI's potential to help and to harm human welfare and the ethical considerations that must guide its integration into society. It serves as a catalyst for collaboration, inspiring attendees to weigh in on their own future in the areas of fairness, transparency, and ethical principles in AI advancements.

Watch the 2023 SIDGE Virtual Symposium here.

Jan 12, 2024



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