2024 BCAF Children's Day


BCAF Children's Day is a vibrant and imaginative celebration designed to introduce young minds to the rich world of comic arts and visual storytelling.

This engaging event, hosted by the Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival (BCAF) in partnership with the San Francisco Public Library, offers a variety of activities and experiences for children.

Children's Day features interactive workshops where budding artists can learn to create their own comics, guided by talented Black and Brown creators. There are captivating storytelling sessions that bring to life diverse characters and narratives, promoting inclusivity and cultural awareness.

Young attendees can also meet and interact with renowned comic artists and illustrators, gaining insights into the creative process and the importance of representation in comics. The day is filled with lively performances, art displays, and opportunities for children to explore their own creativity.

Through these activities, BCAF Children's Day nurtures a love for visual storytelling, fosters cultural appreciation, and empowers children to express themselves artistically. It's a joyful celebration of diversity, imagination, and the transformative potential of the comic arts for the next generation.

Jan 13, 2024



no registration required