2024 Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival


The 2024 Black & Brown Comix Arts Festival (BCAF) in San Francisco is a dynamic and inclusive celebration of the rich tapestry of creativity within the comic arts and popular visual culture.

Voted one of the 10Best Art Festivals in the U.S. by USA Today readers and editors, BCAF offers a diverse range of activities that honor and amplify the voices of Black and Brown creators.

  1. BCAF Children's Day: A family-friendly event, Children's Day features interactive workshops, storytelling sessions, and opportunities for young artists to learn from industry professionals. It fosters a love for visual storytelling and promotes cultural awareness.
  2. BCAF Cosplay Soirée: A vibrant evening for adults, the Cosplay Soirée encourages enthusiasts to don their favorite costumes. It includes performances, art showcases, and the chance to connect with renowned comic artists and illustrators.
  3. BCAF Sunday Conversations: These discussions delve into various aspects of Black and Brown representation in comics and visual culture. Panels and workshops explore social justice, identity, and storytelling, providing a platform for learning and dialogue.
  4. BCAF Party: This lively event brings together art enthusiasts, creators, and the community. It includes live art demonstrations, music, and opportunities to engage with emerging and established comic artists.
  5. BCAF Expo: The heart of the festival, the Expo features an artist alley where attendees can meet, interact with, and purchase unique creations from comic artists, illustrators, and writers. Workshops, panels, and cosplay competitions offer something for everyone.

BCAF is a testament to the power of representation and storytelling, fostering a sense of community, celebration, and appreciation for the comic arts. It's a space where creativity flourishes, diversity is celebrated, and the transformative potential of visual storytelling is on full display.

2024 BCAF events begin on Saturday, January 13.

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Jan 13, 2024



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