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2023-01-11 10:00

The SIDGE Symposium


The SIDGE Center focuses on investigating human values as data points that may be analyzed, quantified, and offered as algorithmic variables used to improved equity and the performance of predictive models.

The inaugural symposium of the Center for Social Impact, Development, and Global Engagement (SIDGE) will feature digital media scholar, 2021 MacArthur Genius Award recipient, and co-director of the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry, Safiya Umoja Noble, Ph.D., Sylvester Johnson, Ph.D., professor, vice provost of public interest technology and executive director of the Tech for Humanities Initiative at Virginia Tech University, and Philip Butler, Ph.D., assistant professor of Theology and Black Posthuman Artificial Intelligence Systems at Iliff School of Theology. In a conversation moderated by NorcalMLK's executive director Aaron Grizzell, the guests will discuss the implications of ethics in algorithmic equations and AI decision-making and fresh ways to catalyze efforts to decrease inequities in generative and predictive models.

Viewers and participants can view the Conversation below and on Youtube