King & Faith Forum -- The Urgency of Now

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2018-01-14 04:00 PM

King & Faith Forum -- The Urgency of Now


Dr. Clayborne Carson of Stanford University moderates a panel featuring eminent, pioneering religious scholar Dr. Charles Houston Long, Dr. Rachel E. Harding, and the Rev. Dr. Jay Williams, at the 2018 King & Faith Forum at San Francisco's Grace Cathredral.

The King & Faith series is presented in partnership with The Northern California Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Foundation with the goal of engaging the wider scholarly, theological, clerical and lay communities in contemporary contemplation of Dr. King, his message and his work. Organized around the MLK2018 theme of the Urgency of Now, the conversations are designed to create a space to critique, analyze and thoughtfully question assumptions about King and faith, King and community and King and society, and to ignite greater dialogue and programs of action that will infuse “where we go from here.”